a comedy by Ivan Menchell

All over and done with – even the props have gone back to their right homes!

The Cemetery Club is a funny and heart-warming play. Three New York widows meet once a month for tea before going to visit their husband’s graves. Ida is sweet-tempered and ready to begin a new life, Lucille is the life and soul of the party, but Doris is priggish and judgmental, particularly when Sam the butcher appears on the scene. He meets the widows while visiting his wife’s grave. Doris and Lucille scheme to squash the budding romance between Sam and Ida but are guilt-ridden when this nearly breaks Ida’s heart.

Here is what some people said about The Cemetery Club:

We all really enjoyed the play last night . Last nights production was really funny but very poignant .  Enjoy the rest of the production, have a piece of Apricot Tart, always a treat !

Well you’ve smashed acting and now directing Lynn, what’s next!?! Well done for creating a pacey, moving and brilliantly funny interpretation of The Cemetery Club. And well done to… the cast for a great performance. Another Gweek success to add to the long listAccordion ItemParagraph

Just to say how much we enjoyed last night’s performance.  It was a roller coaster ride of emotions, one moment laughter, the next close to tears. The sets were amazing as usual, should the stage movers have taken a bow as well?  It was a very professional and polished performance and the front of house members were great. The chocolate mousse and lemon cheesecake, delicious.  We look forward to November.

I always stand by the door to say goodnight and thank our Patrons for coming, I can honestly say that not one pair of people left without saying :

  • Just back from tonights performance, absolutely fabulous, well done.
  • Well done to all for a wonderful performance, greatly enjoyed by all.
  • Excellent evening’s entertainment in Gweek, ladies, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Congratulations to all concerned, including the creator of the Apricot Tart – delicious!
  • As first timers to your productions can I say how much we enjoyed our evening yesterday.  It was great having a table and we thought the play was excellent.  The pud was good too!  We will be coming again.
  • Think you all did very well – great play (and the legs weren’t bad either!).
  •  I just wanted to say how much ….. (we) …enjoyed The Cemetery Club – for me, even better on 2nd watching! It was superbly acted by all of you and in the end a very moving experience.  Thank you, and well done!