November 2008

A comedy by Olwen Wymark

Directed by Vanda Trotman


Reg John Frankland
Geraldine Aline Turner
Billie Linda Capone
Bunny Richard Robinson
Mr Beamish John Eddy
Mrs Carmichael Janet Jones

Reg has invited his pompous boss to dinner; his wife, Geraldine, feels that their marriage is getting dull and is ripe for mischief.  Their daughter, Billie, wants to marry the boss’s son.

No-one is prepared for Geraldine’s decision to liven things up by impersonating Reg’s imaginary brother Rollo.  Reg retaliates by dressing up as Rollo’s eccentric wife Lilian.  When domineering Granny returns unexpectedly the scene is set for a great deal of comic misunderstanding.

This comedy is a rebel’s fantasy; a hostess’s nightmare and an hilarious treat for the audience.