The Memory of Water

The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson

Directed by Angela Wetherill

Three sisters meet at their recently deceased mother’s house, their childhood home, on the eve of her funeral: Poor put-upon Teresa, the oldest sister who became her mother’s carer during her illness; Mary, the middle sister, a successful doctor; and Catherine, the youngest sister who doesn’t appear to have grown up past her teenage years! The play deals with the sisters’ relationships and sibling rivalry in a poignant and often hilarious way.

The humour, resentment and emotion come to the fore as they start to remember the past, and those memories don’t always tally! Then there is Teresa’s husband Frank, who runs a health food store, and Mary’s “boyfriend” Mike, a married TV doctor who joins them ostensibly to support Mary, but gets dragged into the fray! And of course there is Vi, the mother, who appears to us all and sheds some light on the sisters’ mixed emotions.

A very funny and touching play which veers from hilarity to heartbreak and back again. We even learn about “the memory of water”.


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